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What to see in Bruges, the most romantic city in Belgium

Top 10 Things to Do in Bruges Belgium Roezenhoedkaai

What to see in Bruges. Bruges is mystical, beautiful and romantic. No wonder it is the most visited city in Belgium.

Its historic center has been considered a World Heritage Site since the year 2000. So if you are thinking of traveling to Belgium, make time to enjoy this wonderful city. Not to be missed!

In this article I talk about the most beautiful places to see in Bruges. I will take the opportunity to add some advice on accommodation and how to get there.

Before I start telling you about the most beautiful places to see in Bruges and that you cannot miss, I will tell you that in Bruges you can do a couple of free tours. One of them more conventional where you will visit the most emblematic places and another one about the legends of the city. Also, if you are a gastronomy lover you can do a free gastronomic tour.

Markt, the most emblematic square to see in Bruges

From the year 958 it was the place where a market was set up that is still held every Wednesday. All the buildings that surround the square are impressive and draw a lot of attention, not very tall buildings, each one more beautiful than the previous one. The Bell Tower and the Market stand out.

In the center of the square there are statues commemorating the heroes of the battle against the French in the year 1302, which also symbolize the independence of Flanders.

The square is an area with a lot of atmosphere, where you will find small shops, restaurants, cafes.

Taking advantage of the fact that you are visiting the main square, come to contemplate the bell tower. From this 83-meter-high tower you can get beautiful views of the city.

It was built of wood in 1280 as a watchtower, to warn citizens of possible attacks. You can climb all the way to the top, ascending 366 spiral steps . Although the climb is a bit difficult and is a bit claustrophobic, the views are well worth it.

Also visit Burg, another of the most beautiful squares in Bruges
Near the Markt you will find the Burg square. In this square you will find the Town Hall, the Brujse Vrije and the Basilica of the Holy Blood, with impressive facades.

The town hall in Bruges is the oldest in Belgium.

The Basilica of Santa Sangre is one of the most emblematic buildings in the city and an essential place to visit. In it are the remains of what, according to tradition, is the Blood of Jesus Christ. According to the story, it was brought to Bruges at the time of the Crusades.

Jan van Eyckplein

Near the central square you will find another square, the Jan Van Eyck. Its name is due to the Flemish painter, who you will find represented in a statue in the center.

In the square you will find beautiful facades, among which the Old Customs stands out. In addition, it stands out especially for the beautiful views it has of the Spiegelrei canal.

Rozenhoedkaai or Rosario Pier

Bruges is known as the Venice of the North for its canals. This corner is possibly one of the most photographed in Bruges. From here you will have beautiful views of the stone houses on the canal, with the bell tower in the background.

If you feel like taking a relaxed boat ride from here you can take one of them. It is a great activity to spend the afternoon seeing the city from another point of view.

Beguinage of Bruges

The beguines were women, usually widows, who led a religious life helping those most in need, but outside a convent.

There are 13 Flemish beguinages considered a World Heritage Site, and this is one of them. The Beguinage dates back to 1245 and consists of some thirty white houses from the 16th to 18th centuries, a Baroque church and the Gothic Church of Santa Isabel. Women from this community still live today and there is also a house-museum to understand their way of life.

It is a very interesting place to visit, do not miss it.


The beautiful Minnewater Park is a perfect place to walk and enjoy some relaxing time. It is also a place known as the Lake of Love.

The park is full of small canals and bridges . Where there are several paths to enter the grove.

The Church of Our Lady

The Church of Our Lady dates from medieval times and boasts the second tallest brick tower in the world , behind St. Martin’s Church in Landshut, Germany. Inside is one of the few works by Michelangelo that can be seen outside of Italy: the Bruges Madonna. You can also see the mausoleums of Maria de Borgoña and Carlos el Temerario.

You can visit the church for free. But if you want to visit the museum you will have to pay 4 euros.

The Groeningemuseum

If you have time to spare or you are a museum lover, the Groeninge museum is one of the most interesting in the city. In it you will find the most representative works of the plastic arts of the Netherlands in the last 600 years. Highlights the paintings of the Flemish primitive school, such as Jan Van Eyck, Hugo van der Goes, Hans Memling and Gerard David. You can also find neoclassical, expressionist and post-war works.

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